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How to fish an elephant

Fishing rod (or a beautiful stick)
Blue sewing thread
Small paper fish
Echeveria elegans
Invisible sprinkling can
Good luck

Step one
Walk around the neighborhood and find a puddle. If you find a lake, much better, elephants grow bigger in bigger spaces.

Step two
Plant the beautiful stick or the fishing rod in the soil. Water it. Use the invisible sprinkling can.

Step three
Tide the Echeveria elegans in one end of the blue sewing thread. Plant the Echeveria elegans in the soil. Do not water the Echeveria elegans, it´s a plant that doesn´t like drinking too much water. Check that the root stays very tight in the soil, this is very important. You can do this by pulling the sewing thread. If the Echeveria elegans still remains in the soil, this means that it is well planted. What a good gardener you are!

Step four
Put the paper fish in one pocket. Hold the other end of the sewing thread in one hand. Immerse yourself in the puddle or in the lake. Dive. Remember your favorite song. Sing it loud. Do you sound as a wale already? Good! Elephants love whales, they used to live in the same place millions of years ago, either they have the same ancestor or something like that, whatever, you are fishing now, if you are curious you can google it later, but don´t stop singing if you still want to fish an elephant.

Step five
Keep singing. If you are getting bored, you were not born to fish, nor to be a singer. But you can entertain yourself releasing the paper fish and watching it swim.

Step six
When you hear an elephant singing back, it means you are close to fish one. Keep singing and you´ll see. When that happens, you both can return to the surface together because you still have the sewing thread in your hand. Elephants love tender fishing rod outbreaks, invite the elephant to savor some of your own harvest.
Remember: a good fisher may sometimes not fish. If this is happening to you right now, we wish you good luck!
Texto. Cristina
Imagen: Cecilia

3 comentarios:

  1. Natalia Porta7 de mayo de 2013 05:44

    How to fish an elephant... I will try! :D :D :D

  2. yuyal9 de mayo de 2013 10:00

    Good girl! Please, send us a picture if you succeed!